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Name:The Cult of Win
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Community description:A private community for awesome people.

You're probably not ~*~awesome~*~ enough for this community.

Interests (37):

being ambitious go-getters!!!1, being an evil cult, being awesome, buying everything from primark, canal street escapades, cat hair wtf, cat poop, cult of win, dark dungeons, eldritch horrors, food, for no raisin, futon made of bugs, hey you kids off our lawn, high-flying careers, hot water is awesome, imaginary mansions, imaginary money, imaginary rolls-royces, meeeeeeeeow!, milk addicted kitties, not actually living in a filthy hovel, not the fucking romans, seriously tj stop that, sinister cabals, someone restart the modem, stop fucking breaking boiler, surely we have enough cheese, surreal europe, swedish furniture, taking out the trash, the best house evar, the cult's dream mansion, tj stop pooping, we have a lawn?, what's in the sink?, your mom jokes
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